Hey, I'm Neil Bennion

Author, traveller and
general mucker-abouter

My main thing is writing books

Travelogues like Dancing Feat

I don’t know why I used the plural, as I’ve only released one so far (Dancing Feat: One Man’s Mission to Dance like a Colombia, about how I overcame my dancefloor incompetence by dancing my way around Colombia).

Perhaps it’s because I secretly know there are more in the pipeline*

* it’s a special book-shaped pipeline

But also travel guides

Like the indie travel handbook Amazing Poland, which I wrote during my 8 ish-year stint living there.

I'm also a professional copywriter & digital marketer

Indeed I scripted, voiced and produced the video ad you see here. Even the slurp is mine.

So if you need someone to help you with messaging, brand voice and high-converting copy whilst making self-deprecating jokes and random comments about otters get in touch.

I do and make a bunch of other things, too

Articles and blog posts

I sometimes write articles for print media with my own photos

I also occasionally 
blog (I did say ocassionally). 

nd I also blurt out the odd YouTube video.

Public speaking

“Oh look at me, I’ve done a TEDx talk aren’t I fancy?

Ha! No. Well okay maybe a little bit.

I also emceed TEDxWrocław for a year because people are too trusting.

And the occasional podcast and video

I like to ramble on about living and working abroad and the whole life-less-ordinary thing in a variety of different formats.

Oh, and I'm a big fan of quirky little projects
and mini adventures

Things like…

Learning to dance sevillanas from YouTube then partying it up at the Feria de Abril in Seville.

Spending a day taking random trams in Prague to see where I’d end up.

Going on a global exploration of alcohol culture whilst remaining completely teetotal (without the teetotal bit I think we probably just call that ‘backpacking’).

Swimming all the way to Japan*

*I may not have done this particular one

Want me on your podcast / radio show / interplanetary transmission?

I can bother your audience with  completely unsustainable opinions on all manner of subjects, such as Colombia … Poland … the alcohol-free lifestyle … productivity … and much more (well, okay, a bit more).

Interested? —> Get in touch