Oh hey – it's the massively self-indulgent page where I tell you all about myself

(oh no, wait – that's the whole site!)

My name's Neil Bennion, and I'm a writer and mucker-abouter from Lancashire, England

I'm probably best known for dancing my way around Colombia (and the resulting book)

Well somebody had to do it!

(No, you’re right, nobody did. But I did it anyway).

I wrote a best-selling book about it, did a TEDx talk, and generally wrang the hell out of what was already a really great and very worthwhile experience.

Which I did in part because I stopped drinking alcohol

I gave up drinking for health reasons, but this choice left me searching for new ways to relax, socialise, and generally have fun (hence the dancing).

I kept a blog on the subject for a while (Dry Times) and went on a multi-country exploration of alcohol culture.

I do now drink very occasionally, but I keep it to a minimum so as to maximise my po-faced moral superiority.

I've become something of an expert on Poland

I spent around 8 years in Poland, living in 4 different cities (Wrocław, Katowice, Warsaw and Poznań), exploring all 16 voivodeships (provinces), and visiting more than 100 towns, cities and villages.

Based on those experiences I wrote this quirky little guide to the Central-Eastern European country.

For more of my scribblings on Poland, check out my travel blog, Wandering Desk.

I also work as a copywriter and content creator

I got into marketing and the like thanks to a moment of Homeric inspiration (“Money can be exchanged for goods and services!”).

But I carried on doing because I really enjoyed it. All that strategising, understanding the audience, and making irreverent (read: daft) content is both fascinating (because psychology) and fun (because variety). 

Now if only I could stop ending everything I say with a call to action.

Interested in my services? Get in touch (Gah! Did it again!)

And I do the odd bit of public speaking, content creation, and podcast blathering

I was the host at TEDxWroclaw for a while, before quitting to give a talk of my own – on how you can use narrative to turn a trip into an adventure.
I make videos for my own amusement which you can see on my YouTube channel, and also keep a podcast about the life abroad called Wandering Desk (currently only 1/2 a season).

Want me on your podcast for some obscure reason?

Let’s discuss it like the microphone blurters we are – get in touch here. 


Being location independent means I can live the international life

I crave that excitement of travel but I also need to feel like I’m part of a community and value my relationships with others.

I solve this conflict by charging around the world shouting ‘yee-ha!’ while cold-emailing strangers on LinkedIn.

No, okay, by living in one place long term (Laos, Spain, and most recently Poland), and exploring that country and the local region in depth.

And going on the odd frivolous jaunt overseas, obviously (pandemic notwithstanding).

Though I still avoid flying whenever realistically possible

I’m a big fan of trains.

(Wait! Come back!)

Back in 2007, I made a personal commitment to take methods other than air-based transport whenever possible. I felt like we owed it to future generations to try harder. Indeed, when I decided to go and work in Laos, I travelled there from the UK overland (and a bit of sea).

I do still fly occasionally, but I stick to train travel whenever reasonable (and love it too, as my YouTube channel will attest). I’ve never owned a car.