Hey, I'm Neil Bennion

Author & copywriter

I'm the author of Dancing Feat (and other books besides)

My best known book is probably Dancing Feat, about how I overcame my dancefloor incompetence by prancing around Colombia, learning all sorts of folkloric and urban styles.

I’ve also written a couple of indie guidebooks, and I’ve got a bunch of other things in my special book-shaped pipeline.

And I'm also a copywriter and content creator

I write text for companies’ marketing campaigns. In other words, you can hire me to spray fanciful waffle all over your website / blog / cereal box. 

Think my inane ramblings are just what your business needs? Get in touch.

Oh, and I make a bunch of stuff for my own amusement, too

Wandering Desk (podcast)

This is my occasional podcast about living, working, and (most importantly) mucking about abroad.

YouTube channel

I sometimes make little films about hugely important subjects like coach rest stops. See them for yourself on my YouTube channel.

Wandering Desk (blog)

My The place where I put down my travel-related thoughts in words, pictures.

"But who are you, mysterious, linen-shirted man?"

Oh God, must we do this?

(By which I mean ‘Oh please, can we?!’)

I’m a writer, traveller, and mucker-abouter from Lancashire, England, and … you can find out more about me on my rampant narcissism page (sorry, ‘about me’).