I write about many things (in various different formats), but mostly travel, dance and the alcohol-free lifestyle.


I’ve written one full-length book – Dancing Feat: One Man’s Mission to Dance Like a Colombian – and a few shorter ones, too.






digital faceI keep a blog called Wandering Desk about travel, productivity and general mucking about. I also blog about the alcohol-free lifestyle at Dry Times, but perhaps I should say ‘blogged’ as it’s been a while now.

I occasionally guest post on other blogs, too, such as:

Why You Should Make Hungary Your First Live Grand Prix (Formula Spy)
The Belgian GP: How To Have A Great Time
(Formula Spy)
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11 Ways the Digital Nomad Lifestyle Affects Your Sleep (Global Goose)
Visiting the Human Library (Wroclaw Uncut)
How I Learned to Dance Sevillanas for Seville’s April Fair (Trainless)


I don’t generally focus on print media, but I’ve had a few articles published over the years.

How I learned to dance from YouTube  (Dance Today)
Riding Latin America’s Five Greatest Railways  (Shoestring)
The Wild One  (The Cairns Weekend Post)
Blooming Dales  (Senior Voice of Florida)
Lost and Found in the Galapagos Islands  (Red Magazine)
Blood, Sweat and English Teachers  (Shoestring)
Happy New Beers  (Healthy for Men)
A Helping Hand for those who can’t COPE  (Vientiane Times)
UXO Sculpture Completes Rehab Visitor Centre  (Vientiane Times)