Oh hello there!

If it isn't my audiovisual production & performance portfolio!

Is it because I have something worth saying, or just because I’m an incorrigible egomaniac? Either way, I love producing audiovisual content. Not to mention getting on stage and bothering a roomful of strangers under the guise of ‘public speaking’.

Voice work 🎙

I’m a native British English speaker, and my natural accent is mild northern English, though I can also do RP (Received Pronunciation – think BBC English).


Here’s an advert I voiced for an English school in Warsaw. More than that, I came up with the concept, wrote the script and produced the video.

And here’s a video explainer I voiced for software drivers which allows people with disabilities to use VR (Virtual Reality)

Other voice work I’ve done has included:

• A series of explainers for a media streaming company (Nadaje)

• Short web promos for, variously: an online construction marketplace (Buildoo.eu)

• A presentation web app (Everyslide), an online video project, a Polish e-learning company, a video production house (Quetzal Studios), and a B2B electronics trading service (Handelot)

• A business English course – thousands of words and phrases (for a Polish e-learning company)

I’ve also recorded a 1h30m-long audiobook about Colombia.




🎧 Podcast production and performance

I produce, host and publish my own podcast called Wandering Desk – on the subject of living, working and generally hanging out abroad. Some of the episodes are monologues, and others involve guests.

I was on MCRadio of Poznań in October 2019 talking about obscure Polish towns, dancing in Colombia and my years of not drinking alcohol:

[mixcloud https://www.mixcloud.com/internationalpoznan/show-254-amazing-poland-with-neil-bennion/ width=100% height=60 hide_cover=1 mini=1]

I also appeared as a guest on the award-winning Colombia Calling podcast (2014) and Radio Katowice (2015).

🎤 Public Speaking

I gave a TEDx talk in 2014, entitled ‘Travel with a Narrative’ – on the idea of how you can turn a journey into adventure with the help of story.

I was the emcee for TEDxWroclaw for one year in 2013, including a headline event in front of hundreds of people, as well as smaller ‘salon’ events.

I’ve also helped others, training the host of the TEDxWroclawWomen event one year, as well as coaching various TEDx speakers. More recently (2018), I helped five aspiring entrepreneurs improve their pitches as part of the Shesnnovation programme in Poland.

🎬 Videos

At present this has mostly been limited to making shorts for my Youtube channel (www.youtube.com/c/neilbennion).

In 2014 I was an actor in videos for an online business English course, for a Polish e-learning company. 

Construction logistics startup ProperGate needed a website to help market their B2B SaaS product to a complex target audiences.

I helped them to develop their brand story and core messaging, and based on this created the wireframes and copy for a multi-page website, which was then realised by a graphic designer and web developer.